1. How to Request a RMA


If you have any problems with your product or your product is in need of repair, please send the item to the service center in Korea or to one of our Authorized Service Partners.  Bluebird offers repair services for products that are under warranty or covered by a service contract. Please note that repair charges will be applied to out of warranty products. For all repairs and RMAs, please follow our RMA Procedures.


RMA Process


If you wish to request a RMA for an item you purchased, please fill out the attached RMA Request Sheet.

Once request is approved, Bluebird Customer Service will contact you to provide the RMA number and return instructions.

Please send us your item with tracking number.
If your item needs to be charged for the repair, Bluebird will issue PI(Proforma Invoice).

Once we have received your payment, we will proceed with the repairs. It usually takes about 2 working days for repair and then we will take the product quality test before the actual shipment. We will send you repaired device with our detailed RMA report and shipping information including NCI & Tracking number.

Please note that RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from date of issue and not for the items which are not received by the Repair Center. Shipping Cost will be additionally charged to you when you send us the unit so that we can ship your device back to you as soon as possible.
If you want faster RMA Service, you may use any of our other Authorized Service Partners, which may be closer to your offices.
Please contact the following email address if you have any questions: [email protected]

– Bluebird is committed to providing you with timely and quality service.
– We regret that we cannot service product submitted without a RMA.
– Bluebird will not accept returns without prior authorization and a RMA number.
Items will be returned to you without being repaired.

* N.B: Things you should remember before you request a RMA and send your device to us

1. If your case falls under the following criteria, please note that we will send your devices back
due to any possibilities of being damaged or getting lost.
2. If you do not pay for the requested RMA cost within 7 days (business days) or do not mention about any repair process
after you received the Proforma Invoice from us, we will send your device back to your address.
3. Please contact us ASAP if your terminal is being kept over 3 months in our center.
Otherwise, we will deal with your device at our disposal.
4. We are not responsible for recovery of any data losses and do not support any backups.
5. The RMA cost (Proforma Invoice) will be set up according to our A/S policy.
No paid repair services will be processed without your consent and complete payment.


2. BluebirdCare Coverage


Business Continuity and Resiliency Service

We understand that our products play a key role in your ability to keep your business running efficiently and your customers happy. When devices need repair, you need a reliable and affordable way to repair and return them to your workforce. BluebirdCare Coverage, a global customer service offered by Bluebird Inc., is designed to keep your business running at its peak performance level, enhance work productivity and maximize investment protection for your Bluebird products.
BluebirdCare delivers full coverage benefits to protect you against unexpected repair expense and help reduce the total cost of ownership. It covers manufacturing defects, normal wear and tear and accidental breakage. Moreover, it provides quick turnaround time and a guaranteed quality repair.

Coverage Benefits


BluebirdCare Comprehensive eliminates the expense of repairing damage caused by normal wear and tear and accidental breakage, which reduces the total cost of ownership. Multi-year coverage discounts and multiple incident repair extend the life of devices and reduce replacement costs. One-time warranty expense removes the risk of unexpected and unbudgeted repair and/or replacement expenses.


Units covered under an BluebirdCare Comprehensive have a guaranteed turnaround time that is significantly faster than units without coverage. Repair centers expedite paperwork and stock replacement parts to ensure rapid response, repair and return. OS Download and Remote Checking Service and Online Technical Support are available to assist customers in device operation and troubleshooting.


Repairs are done by authorized service centers with trained experts using manufacturer’s parts.