Consumers today demand quick, seamless payments that can be processed anywhere, anytime. Bluebird mobile technology on new payment methods helps you and your customers finish the payment process much faster than ever before. To offer unique consumer experience and boost sales, provide the payment simplicity, convenience and flexibility.

Bluebird presents the MT280, a smart stand-alone mobile payment terminal for small and middle merchants holding the most advanced technology. It can serve customers quickly and help you process more sales. This portable terminal accepts any payment methods on-the-go with the most extensive connectivity capabilities. It can support so-called semi-mobility indoor and outdoor, anywhere in your store. Accelerate checkout by easily integrating cashless payment, from contact to contactless payment. With the best-in-class security system, Stone Wall security technology, customers are guaranteed secured payments even when communication is cut off.

We provide comprehensive SDK (Software development kit) support so anyone can develop applications and customize it for unique business needs. Developers create their very own tool with Bluebird SDK(software development kit) which provides unlimited options ensuring engineers shorten developing application period. Also Clients are free to get latest update through Bluebird TMS to make it up and improve security. Bluebird dedicated OS team is willing to support an open platform Linux including QT. QT means that genuine full version Linux has installed and they provide developer friendly UX. One of the main features on open platform, users are not dependent on the provider or developers that originally created it for their unique business needs. Also, it doesn’t have the issues of incompatible formats that exist in proprietary software.

The MT280 has a ARM 11 security processor that provides fast compute intensive processes and one of the necessary requisites for secured payment certification. Its printing speed (40mm/second) is the highest in the industry. We provide a sufficient amount of RAM that works with heavy applications that are to be released in the next few years. Bluebird has designed the MT280 with industrial use in mind, so this device has been incorporated with Tanksmith technology to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The device is resilient to drops up to 1.2M, keypads that are water proof, Corning Gorilla Glass encasing. This lightweight and handheld payment terminal has a wide backlit keypad and daylight-readable screen with extended battery life. A new, unique experience is within reach. The MT280 is the best mobile payment solution to enable merchants to optimize their payment process and enhance customer satisfaction.