Handheld RFID Reader

The RFR900 is a high quality RFID reader made as a pistol grip to ensure user comfort. This attachment accessory is compatible with Bluebird’s mobile computer devices and they include: the EF500, the EF500R, the EF400, the BP30 and the BM180.










Providing long range RFID reading and pistol grip usability, the RFR900 is the perfect accessory attachment for Bluebird’s mobile computer devices. Designed for use in a variety of warehouse, retail and factory environments, this advanced RFID reader is able to recognize and process data at rapid speed, increasing efficiency for all your management duties.

With many of Bluebird’s products specializing in ruggedness and usability, the RFR900 is another product following in those design foundations. First, to maximize portability and comfort for prolonged use, this handy accessory is built ergonomically in a pistol grip frame. Then it’s armed with solid particle and liquid ingress protection, impact tested to withstand 1.2m / 4ft drops on solid surfaces; all to give its users full operational control, even in harsh industrial environments.

Compatible with the EF500, the EF500R, the EF400, the BP30 and the BM180, take advantage of the RFR900’s long range RFID capabilities to help you manage inventory assets and evolve your production to the next level.