Touch Mobile Computer

In the industrial world, mobility is the lifeblood. The EF400 – this mission critical, smart touch mobile computer brings true mobility, durability and functionality necessary for daily requirements that leads to reliable and fast performance. Its sleek ergonomic design gives comfort for user even after prolonged handling and delivers secure indoor / outdoor mobile network connectivity. Take advantage of EF400’s power saving processor to provide longer working cycles and maximize your productivity.



After an intensive 10 years’ R&D; endeavor, Bluebird is proud to present you the EF400 : the pinnacle of a rugged handheld computer. As a demonstrated market leader, Bluebird is known for innovating ahead of the of the consumer market and have introduced the touch mobile computer technology before consumer smartphones took advantage of the advancement.

The 4-inch EF400 fits comfortably in your pocket, proving extreme mobility. The ergonomic, compact design allows easy grip and handling, removing pressure on hand. It is certainly more mobile-friendly than the other heavy and bulky devices.

The EF400 provides practical benefits per your investment. With the latest technological advancements, the EF400 is built to withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments, contributing to fewer failures and low downtime in the field. The EF400 has enterprise-class durability and functionality necessary for everyday use that leads to reliable and fast performance.

When it comes to handheld computers that fit in your pocket, the EF400 is the best. Standing alone as industrial leader to have been validated and accepted on touch mobile computer, the EF400 is crafted to be the ultimate mobile computer for your successful business.