Bluebird has long been making intensive R&D; efforts to meet the growing demands of the industry. You needed something that can run essential business applications, a big display so your client can see your ideas, and a machine that can handle all transaction methods. Then it enables you to enhance customer engagement and increases conversion rate. So here is RT100, a premium enterprise tablet versatile and ready to take on various assignments of the industry.

The RT100 has many features to enhance your business. Having this smart rugged tablet equipped with various accessories, users can enjoy diverse features and functionality ranging from bar code scanning to payment transaction. Starting with the data capturing capabilities, the rapid data processor and the integrated competence will increase your associates’ performance speed and streamline work processes. The stunning 10.1 IPS panel display which encased in Corning Gorilla Glass can be utilized in customer engagement for showcasing a product, presenting ideas and using it for various assignments. Furthermore, the all-inclusive payment packages cater to all payments methods, making every transaction smooth and easy. Join the many business leaders’ choice to guarantee all full features of true enterprise mobility and industrial class ruggedness.