Enterprise Tablet Computer

The ET100 : a premium enterprise tablet made with a mission in fulfilling your industrial demands. With real-time visibility, rapid data processing and seamless payment solutions, the ET100 is fully-loaded with features to help in your day-to-day operations. Take this tough, mission critical device with you to define new standards in professionalism.

Professionalize your work with the ET100. Offering real-time visibility, rapid data processing and seamless payment solutions, this premium enterprise tablet is built to fulfill various demands of the industry.

Operating on the latest Windows systems, the ET100 is a host for many essential business applications. Bluebird will give dedicated support in equipping you with the right tools and guide you from installation to bringing applications at maximum working capacity.

The ET100 is meticulously crafted inside and out. It’s completely resistant to dust, protected against jets of water and is able to survive multiple impact-damage from drops and tumbling. Be assured knowing that every component has been tested thoroughly to reach an immaculate state strong enough for the harsh environments.

While covering many functions needed for industrial environments, it is particularly popular amongst drivers. With the secure in-vehicle-mount accessory, this tough enterprise tablet is perfect for use in forklifts, trucks and other industrial vehicles. Furthermore, the ET100 can be used in computer assisted design, maintenance jobs and in healthcare facilities with its abundance of business applications. Take hold of this supreme mobile device and stay on top of the industrial world.