Rugged Smart Terminal

The BP30 is an all-purpose industrial handheld computer. With no non-sense approach to its design, all parts in BP30 are made to give its highest performance under pressure and it will assist you to the very end until the job is done. As a Red Dot Design and IF Design award winner, the BP30 is the perfect result of combining a simple design and the rugged edge a high-paced industry needs.

The BP30 is a Red Dot Design and IF Design award winning handheld computer. It’s the perfect result of combining a simple design and the rugged edge a high paced industry needs. It has a clear cut mission and that is to give you tools to help you in all manner of business and field operations. The BP30 incorporates full touch controls that allow handling with a glove or a stylus. Its usage should be familiar to anyone who has used a consumer smart phone and its ergonomic design is made for extra comfort for the long operating hours. Along with many helpful business applications, its sleek and lightweight body is well suited for mobile operations. May it be used in a courier delivery service, mobile ticketing and for officials on their duty, the BP30’s wide range of communication options make it easy for you and your crew to stay on the same page. With its special method of Tank Smith™ Technology, it’s ready to take on the wear and tear of the harsh industry environments. In compliance to the MIL STD 810G standards, the device has IP67 sealing for protection against dust and water, can withstand direct impact damage and even the display is fitted in Corning® Gorilla Glass® to eliminate all possible weak points. Take this true industrial mobile computer out in the field and experience reliability only Bluebird can provide.

▪ Value Added from BM180
– Fully Rugged form factor against harsh environment
– Cannon SoundTM with 23mm loud speaker
– 4,500mA larger battery capacity
▪ Preoccupying Touch computer segment with BM series in 2004
▪ World-first 5 Inch display
▪ Multi-OS (Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld or Android 4.4) in a single device
▪ Convergency technology with Mobile computing and Payment
– Intergrated 2D barcode scanner and HF RFID reader
– Intergrated contactless payment and MSR card payment reader
▪ IP67 sealed & 1.8M drop certified
▪ International Design Award Winner