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Windows Business Tablet BP80

Windows Business Tablet


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On the BP80, Stunning Eyelluminate™ Display, finest level of performance, TankSmith™ reliability, the fastest wireless connectivity, business ready plugs, and HD LED Flash Camera have been neatly packaged in a compact frame. Indeed, the BP80 is your next right tool to change the game.

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BP80, the Fully Ripe Business Tool, Truly Yours 

“Being Useful as well as Reliable” is the creed of the BP80, which is designed to serve anyone that needs to be or, is willing to be productive. All the tasks that once happened to be possible only in the office, takes place everywhere. Showing the mission driven contents in high resolution at all angles, the BP80’s Eyelluminate™ Display allows seamless workflow without causing any visual fatigue. The longest battery hours complemented by the eco-friendly CPU runs the BP80 beyond any work hours. One may add or subtract various peripherals for different vertical applications. Reliability wise, the BP80 stands tough against all roughs. Better yet, having all these brilliant and useful features packaged in light-weighted case, the BP80 is one fully ripe business tool. Usually, change causes stress and anxiety. Cross them all out now because instead of you getting used to the BP80, the BP80 will get used to you and your daily missions before you know it.

• Stunning 10.1” eyelluminate™ Display
• All Day Battery Hours with robust performance
• Industry leading Durability
• The fastest 4g lte & 802.11n
• All task enterprise peripheral
• HD Camera with led flash

Display: Illuminating your Eyes

·Crystal Clear View at All Angles · Readable under Sunlight · Anti Finger Print Coating

Eyelluminate™ Display on the BP80 spells out a new display standard for the business tablets. Bluebird’s Eyelluminate™ Display has removed the air-gap(between glass and LCD) that used to bring down the display quality by causing reflective glare on the screen. The remarkably improved display is further complemented with the IPS panel. On the BP80, the screen can be seen crystal clear from all angles. Whether you happen to work outdoor with blazing sunlight or shaded indoor, your eyes will be able to appreciate the topnotch display quality even without understanding every technical details of Eyelluminate™ Display. Highly optimized for any work environment, Eyelluminate™ Display is Bluebird’s technology that elevates the BP80 to a different class. Let it be yours now.

Performance: The Perfect Chemistry with Battery Life

· Beyond 8 Hours Battery Life · Robust Performance

While ordinary tablet manufacturers tend to put heavy emphasis on performance only, Bluebird refuses to bandwagon. In Bluebird’s stance, the crossroad between performance and strong battery life holds the right answer, and this very same philosophy has been applied on the BP80. The perfect chemistry between Powerful yet Low Energy consuming CPU & Bluetooth 4.0, and the largest battery capacity has brought the BP80 closest to Bluebird’s definition of the right answer. Whoever happens to be using the BP80 will have a peace of mind; the BP80 will be running strong without ever running out of power.

Mobility: Carrying is the Easiest Thing

· Slim · Light Weight

Have you ever been aggravated because your laptop felt too heavy to be carried everywhere, but you still had to carry it with you? The BP80 has brilliantly ceased this common dilemma between form factor and functionality. Coming in the lightest and smallest form factor along with optional handle for all corners, the BP80 is designed to be carried. The very beauty of the BP80 is that all the lap-top functions are still present on the BP80. Execute your heavy duties without going heavy weight only on the BP80.

Design: Tank Smith of Reliability and Elegance

· IP65 Sealing · 1.5m Drop Resistance

The Intention was simple. The BP80 had to stand tough against all roughs, and at the same time it had to look good. Bluebird has labeled the mastered craftsmanship of reliability and elegance as TankSmith™ technology, and implemented on the BP80. With patented internal waterproof measure, the solid sealing of IP65 is realized. Surviving the 1.5m drop test, the BP80 is MIL-STD 810-G compliant. When the Gorilla® Glass was selected for Eyelluminate™ Display, it did two things: the display screen became scratch-immune, and suave flavor was added on the BP80 as a whole. Engineered to be tough, and designed to look elegant, the BP80 is ready to join your task force.

Business Peripherals: Add and Subtract

· Barcode Scanner · MSR · Smartcard · Contactless · Hand Grips

The BP80 comes with a set of optional business peripherals including NFC Reader, Barcode Scanner, IC-Card Reader, and Magnetic Stripe Reader. Each and one of these features make the BP80 fully functional and yet, the most flexible business mate ever. You can do so many things but just to name a few, you can run e-ticketing, table side order taking, inventory management, and Point of Sale and Service. Stop worrying about the costly update in the future. Just add, subtract, and use only what you need on the BP80; the rest will follow.

Connectivity: The Speed Champion

· Up to 4G LTE · 802.11n · Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Staying connected means that workers and office securely stays on the same page at the same time. That is exactly what the BP80 is enabling. Having VPN and Wi-Fi Protocols fully supported, the BP80 securely connects to the corporate intra-network, and staff members can appreciate seamless workflow. Once out of the office, the BP80’s connectivity goes all area without compromising the speed. Connecting on the fastest wireless network, the BP80 users can execute their tasks, file reports, and transfer mission critical data on real time. The BP80 stays connected so that you and your company can stay on top of your schedule.

OS : Compatible and Secure

· Stonewall Security™ · BitLocker™ · BitLockerToGo™ · AppLocker™ · TPM · Enhanced Write Filter

Change in work process usually comes with stress and anxiety. The BP80 writes a different story. Instead of you getting used to the BP80, the BP80 will get used to you and your daily missions before you know it. As you start working with the BP80, you will find out how convenient and secure has your work become. All the previous Lines of Business applications run fine on the BP80, and the all the important corporate data and the email will be fully protected by Bluebird’s Stonewall Security™ infrastructure. The BP80 is ready to drive you toward your success without upsetting your workflow at all.

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