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Android Business Tablet BP50

Android Business Tablet


  • Android Business Tablet BP50
  • Android Business Tablet BP50
  • Android Business Tablet BP50
  • Android Business Tablet BP50
  • Android Business Tablet BP50

On the BP50, Stunning Eyelluminate™ Display, TankSmith™ reliability, flexible business peripherals, the fastest wireless connectivity, and Stonewall Security™ along with the finest level of performance have been properly mixed for future building visionaries like you.

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The BP50’s Compliment: Complements for the Better 

Looking at the current state of deployed gadgets in the enterprise arena, one can tell that one edge or the other is missing. For instance, typical smart phones are fragile, and cannot provide the functionalities for various verticals. Handheld computers might be rugged and functional, but the screen size is too small. These tools have been always accompanied by inconvenient handicaps. Choosing to go different for the better, we have properly mixed the best of each edge on the BP50. Connected to the fastest wireless network, the most productive interactions take place on the premium 7” Eyelluminate™ Display. Flexible combination of smart plugs keeps you on point at all missions and tasks. With the mastered craft of TankSmith™ reliability, the BP50 welcomes the harshest wilderness. The level of security is solid like a stone wall. And better yet, the BP50 is designed to be carried. Now, meet the BP50, the complemented masterpiece for the better. This type of complement is our compliment to you.

Eyelluminate™ Display: Simply Looking Better

• 7” Eyelluminate™ Display • Crystal Clear View at All Angles • Readable under Sunlight

The BP50 has answered the riddle of “How to Show Well?” with Eyellumnate™ Display, Bluebird’s bold innovation for better showing and viewing. The bright IPS panel displays everything in full color schemes from all angles. The screen size of 7” covers far more contents (as vivid as in real life) than a typical handheld device, and is the right size for mobility. By closely bonding the cover glass and LCD with gel fluid, the BP50’s display has removed the air-gap that causes the reflective glares on the screen surface. The bright sunlight reflection can no longer disturb you from seeing what you need to see, and the anti-finger print coating prevents the finger touches from blurring the screen. Putting all the technical details aside, just remember one thing and one thing only. Even at a glance, everything looks and shows better on the BP50.

Performance: The Speed Champion

• The Fastest Dual Core Processor • Battery Life Beyond 12 Hours

The BP50’s performance level simply stands out. The fastest of the fastest dual core processors, orchestrates smooth operation and swift execution at the same time. For instance, as you run heavy applications like constructional blueprints or in-flight manual on the BP50, you will be fascinated by the finesse of these applications. Outperform the rest with the best. The long battery life speaks for the other half of the BP50’s performance. Empowered by the longest battery hours, the BP50 lasts well beyond a typical full-time shift, and even when you need to switch the batteries, you can do so without upsetting the workflow. During the brief absence of the battery to be switched, the hot-swap function keeps the BP50 on. Use it with a peace of mind.

Mobility: May the Sky be the Limit

• Slim and Compact Form Factor • Light Weight • Hand-Strap

The BP50 is designed to be carried, so that you can go out, and reach more future-building opportunities. The BP50 comes in a lighter and compact frame with the hand-strap on the back. Do you happen to answer your call of duties for various field missions? Do you need to bust the queues for your customers in a busy check-out lane? With the BP50, you are good to go without putting any stress on your wrists. All the essentials for mobility are standing by the BP50. Coming handy and dandy, the BP50 goes where you go; May the Sky be the only limit.

Smart Plugging: Add and Subtract

• NFC • Magnetic Stripe Reader • Barcode Scanner

Coming with flexible combinations of smart plugs, the BP50 adjusts itself to your daily tasks. At one scan or two, you can easily manage your warehouse inventory count, or check the product details of your freshest arrivals. All payment schemes from conventional Magnetic Stripe Reader to the future building NFCs are fully supported on the BP50. Help your customers pay however they like to pay. During the busiest hours of your shop, let your customers pay where they stay. Become the smoothest concierge or the sharpest warehouse manager just to name a two. What merely ended as a wishful thinking on conventional PDAs has become available and yours on the BP50.Just add, subtract, and use only what you need; the BP50 is always on point. And yes, keep your TCO low.

Tank Smith Within: The Mastered Craft of Reliability

• TankSmith™ Technology • IP65 Sealing • 1.5m Drop Resistance

Bluebird’s TankSmith™ has mastered the craft of reliability, and applied it on the BP50. The patented waterproof measure underneath the BP50’s surface has brought about the solid sealing of IP65. Whether you are assigned to gather information from the humid rain forest or dusty desert, you could not care less. Combined with this tight sealing, the optional rugged plug enhances the level of drop resistance to 1.5m. By covering its entire front with Gorilla® Glass, the BP50 has become scratch-immune while acquiring a very prestigious flavor. That is right. No rule ever commands the ruggedness to be equivalent to a savage look. Engineered to survive all spheres of wilderness, the BP50 is reporting for heavy duty.

Connectivity: Staying On The Same Page

• Up to 4G LTE • 802.11n • Bluetooth

Staying connected means that everyone stays on the same page at the same time. That is exactly what the BP50 is enabling. Fully supporting VPN and Wi-Fi Protocols, the BP50 securely connects to the corporate intranet; the office can appreciate the seamless workflow. Out of office? Connect the BP50 to the 4G LTE network, the fastest wireless network by far; the BP50 goes all area without compromising the connectivity or the speed. No longer disturbed by the sporadic disconnections, the field agents and headquarters can share every detail in no time. When needed, conduct high definition video conferences from continent to continent. Stay on the same page via the BP50, and build the future with the most productive interactions.

And Much More...

• Stonewall Security™ • MDM • Easiest App Development

At each vertical, the demand for value added applications is very compelling every day. With open S/W platform and familiar UI, the BP50 provides the perfect environment for developing those highly demanded applications; anyone can come up with the most practical solutions to be efficient and productive. And this convenient ecosystem for developing value added applications is built upon the BP50’s Stonewall Security™. The air-tight level of data encryption blocks out the thieves and their futile attempts of intrusion. What if the device gets stolen or lost? The BP50 may be updated, monitored, staged, and if necessary disposed over the air. Everything is present on the BP50 for you to move forward. This indeed, is our compliment, sincerely yours.

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