Uses & Benefit

Bluebird transport and logistics solutions enable cost-saving fleet control, error-proof data management, and speedy process of passenger and luggage control.

Cost-efficient fleet control with GPS tracking systems
• Overview of the current location of all vehicles and all details of routes driven.
• Cut down drive time, trip distance and numbers of vehicles in operation.

Accurate data collection with real-time communication
• Collect data with an integrated barcode scanner, RFID reader, or autofocus camera.
• Collect recipient signature, time, and location for proof of delivery with BM-170 enterprise handheld PDA.
• Ensure continuous communication via GSM/GPRS/eGPRS/UMTS/HSDPA mobile radio or WLAN.
• Access to the day’s manifest and transmit delivery information back to the head office instantly while mobile workers are on the road.

Fast processing of passenger and luggage control with track and trace capability
• Enable ticket validation with BIP-6000Max RFID mobile computer and BIP-1300 RFID mobile POS.
• Keep tracking the last-minute changes of luggage information.